Hey guys how's it going? My setup: Esp E-II w/ EMG 85 (Volume at 100% most of the time) into - Boss Super Overdrive (Level 100%, Drive 0%, Tone 65%) - ISP Decimator II (set at -20 cutoff) - Into my Peavey 6505 - Into my Mesa Boogie 4x12 Oversized 280W Slanted Rectifier. The problem is: when I turn the Pre-gain on my amp past 3.5, the drive on my pedal past 25%, or the volume on my amp past 4, I get a terrible screeching sound when I play my guitar. I have tried: standing farther away (currently I stand at least 10 feet away from the amp), changing guitars (Also had emg's, did not help), and I even took the time to make sure my muting was satisfactory. Nothing has helped. Another solution would be to turn the noise gate up past -20 but at that point you start losing the sustain of the guitar. I know my amp was meant to be super high gain, as well as my pickups, and having an overdrive doesn't help. BUT... is there any advice you can give me? My tone just isn't the same when i compromise on volume, gain, or the overdrive.
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A 6505 on 4 from 10 feet - that screeching sound may be your eardrums failing. . . . Do you really use this amp that loud all the time that close to it?

If you do, it's leading me to my first suggestion which is how old are the tubes? My 5150 seems to be very picky with tubes. . . It may be time for an order from Eurotubes (if you are in the USA) and get a fresh set of JJ's.

I'm also guessing you're talking about the red channel?

I don't have experience with the Boss but what about a 75% level?

How's your muting technique? My 5150 is a bitch with noise. My Mesa is way more forgiving.
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Yea I play from 10-15 feet away at 4 all the time. It's a very large room. The tubes are pretty old. I don't think they've been changed in at least a year, probably more like 3. I only bought it 6 months ago but it was used when I got it. And yea, I play on the high gain input and the lead channel. Bringing the overdrive down to 75% percent doesn't do much. That only changes the saturation of the overdrive (in my opinion). My muting is pretty good, could be better but the level of feedback I'm getting is huge compared to how much I would expect from very slightly sloppy muting. Thanks for the suggestion about getting new tubes, I'll look into it.
I'm thinking that you may have a microphonic tube. Unplug the guitar and try tapping each tube with a pencil. If you can hear that tapping through the speaker, change the tube.
Now be aware that if one is badly microphonic you may get some sound when you tap other tubes too. Go through them all, the faulty one should be obvious.
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