Whenever I use the dirty channel or a distortion pedal on my amp, I get a really gritty (insanely gritty) sound. I'm pretty certain it's not the intended sound of the amp because it's too overbearing. I have a crate tube amp. What is causing this/how can I fix it? Thanks.
JBizzly You mean fuzzy? Like you are trying to get a crunch but it sounds fuzzy? Has it always been that way with this amp, or only recent?

It could be a Preamp tube. You can try different brand/type - that helped me.

Sometimes it's just a matter of tweaking everything a million times. I have to use a tube-screamer in front of my dirty channel to get a clean "crunch" sound. If I use a regular distortion pedal, it sounds like crap. I've found that if you back off the gain a bit, it helps with that fuzzy, shitty, sound.

If I use a tube screamer by itself on a clean channel - not enough gain. I just put my OD at about 6 with the TS in front.

I'm just saying, sometimes you just have to experiment with things like that.
pressureproject Well, I just got the amp a couple months ago from a guy off craigslist. It was my first tube amp and it sounded good to me, but then I played on a friends amp that sounded so much clearer. That was my point of realization. And yes, it sounds like a fuzz pedal on steroids. When recording some stuff, you could barely hear chord changes. It also has a lot of feedback with high distortion/overdrive if that means anything.
check V1. i had that happen recently myself.

FWIW, I usually replace the tubes in "new to me" amps when I get them. keep the others as spare and use them down the line if something goes awry.
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