I've had this guitar and capo for almost 2 years and never broken a single string the entire time I've owned them...up until the last week. Now I have broken the high e string twice in a week, both times when capoing the 6th fret. I don't think I've ever capoed the 6th fret before, but have used it on probably all of the other first 7 frets without issues. The string seems to be breaking around the capo/fret too, not at the bridge. Since I've never had this problem on other frets it would be surprise me if it's a problem with the capo, so maybe it's a sharp fret? Although if it's a sharp fret I wonder why I haven't broken it just fretting the 6th fret (either individually or with barre chords) with my finger?

I'll probably go to the store and get a new capo in the next few days to try, but if it's a sharp fret is there any solution to solve it that doesn't involve hundreds of dollars to have it refretted?

My first thought is if maybe the strings you changed to were pretty old too? Maybe you just got a bad batch.

Refretting doesn't have to be necessary, just sanding the fret a little and then leveling the frets isn't a hard thing to do and it's definitely not expensive.
But I'm having a hard time imagining the fret is so sharp it cuts the string.
Buy a pack of strings (or perhaps a single E string if that's possible where you live) and string the guitar again. If it fails once more I'd take a look at that capo of yours, seems more likely there's a problem there in my opinion.
I have an acoustic that broke the windings on a G string on the first, second and 3rd frets all within a few days. I've owned that guitar for years and restring it regularly. Just a bad string. Don't over analyze it if it has been a good guitar.
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