Hey all! I want to know how I can take out one tone pot on my Les Paul, then rewire the last standing tone pot so it works for both pickups, but each pickup has its own volume knob. Thanks in advance.
You may want to make one master modding thread in Guitar Building and Customization instead of all of these separate little ones every time you have a minor question.
From your other thread I posted:

Look how each pickup is wired to the Tone pot. If they are the same (they should be), then take the leads from the one you don't want to use and put them in the same place on the other one. I am ASSUMING this would work.

You can do a killswitch a million ways. The easiest would be to just put the hot from the in/out jack on one leg and the ground from the in/out jack on the other. Best way in my opinion.
My suggestion would be to go with a master volume, master tone and a blend knob.
I have a kill switch on a remaining spot on one of my guitars. There are several options for these; you need to be careful that you don't get one that "pops" when you activate it, and you might have to change the hole size on your guitar if you select one of the versions that's arcade size.