Hey all! I want to know how I can take out one tone pot on my Les Paul, then rewire the last standing tone pot so it works for both pickups, but each pickup has its own volume knob. Then if anyone could give me instructions on how to wire the killswitch (in words if possible) that would be great.

BTW this is just gonna be a huge Killswitch Thread where anyone can ask super duper duper specific questions about Killswitches, so if you are looking for a specific answer post a reply so other people could answer. I'm new to the forum thing so please excuse all mistakes I make.
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Look how each pickup is wired to the Tone pot. If they are the same (they should be), then take the leads from the one you don't want to use and put them in the same place on the other one. I am ASSUMING this would work.

You can do a killswitch a million ways. The easiest would be to just put the hot from the in/out jack on one leg and the ground from the in/out jack on the other. Best way in my opinion.
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We already have/had an "ultimate killswitch thread" (a couple, actually [and that thread is 6 years old and out of commission, btw]) but anyway, there's really not a lot to talk about with wiring killswitches. All it does is short the guitar's output to ground. No matter what control or pickup configuration the guitar has, the killswitch is just a pushbutton switch that connects the hot and ground when pressed.

Some people use a switch to break the signal wire instead, which will kill the signal, but it leaves the hot wire unconnected, causing loads of noise in the signal chain. This is the wrong way to wire a killswitch.

If you look at any (correct) killswitch diagram you'll see that no matter where the actual wires to the switch are connected, they always lead to the hot and ground terminals of the output jack (which, by the way, FAR too many people keep calling an input jack, which it isn't). Most of the time you'll see the diagram showing the killswitch wired to the volume pot, but this is only because it is easier to get to than the jack itself. Trace the wires back and they'll always lead the the output jack.