The latest and greatest in shoestring-budget practice luthiery, I just finished my custom "Les Plywood". The body was my first built entirely from scratch, I basically found a sheet of plywood in the shed that looked about the right size and went to work.

How cheap was everything else? This was built from the spare parts of a Partscaster built from the spare parts of a Frankenstrat built from the spare parts of a hotrodded Squier built with parts from a Craigslist trade. It's a wonder it makes sound at all when I'm too cheap to buy anything but paint!

The design is obviously Les Paul shaped, but slightly scaled down to fit the wood I had. I also wanted to try for a heavily chambered, almost semi-hollow build, thus the trippy chambering patterns. To compensate for all this weight loss, I added nearly an inch to the depth of the guitar, which gives it (theoretically) a deeper voice or some cool shit.

Sanding was a bitch to try to get the sides perfectly even, if I had a drum sander perhaps, but I did an "okay enough" job. Tip: it's easier to overcome OCD tendencies if you ascribe every flaw to being "character"

Put on a primer coat, then painted on a bunch of poly to fill in the grain and pores that were still showing, then sanded nearly all of that back off to get a perfectly even surface for the real color coat and clear.

Lotta orange peel right out of the can finish but nothing unfixable. Gave it some time to cure (not quite enough time in all likeliness, but I was eager to see how it worked)

Fine wet sanding and then polishing (thanks to various forums including this one for the tips on this part!) brought it back to a nice shine, minus the orange peel. Not perfect, but livable. Then super simple wiring, and assembly we all probably know already. I've only had a few hours to play around with it, and while it's not very versatile with a single neck pickup, it has a very nice raw tone, surprisingly smooth and well rounded for a plywood body and mystery humbucker, but with a touch more twang from the 25.5" scale length. I'll have a video demo up in a few days if there's any interest

So that's about all I can think of, what do you all think? Feel free to check out the links below for a few extra pics and more

that is really neat. one of the coolest build threads I have seen in a long time.

hats off. cheers
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