What do you think of dean edge 1 5string bass ? I have tried it in my local shop and I
really like this guitarist-friendly feeling it has.
Now for its sound I dont have any idea !
I had never played bass again in my life and even my bands didnt have a bassist. Will it cover me for my metal (especially djent)
recording I am planning to do ? Is it a good choice for the $ ?
Almost forgot to mention whether will it be able to handle drop A tuning...
Deans are cheap for a reason--they are notorious for quality control issues and personally, I'd avoid them like the plague. For what you are looking for I would recommend Ibanez instead. Better quality and able to do what you are asking for. The SR series are great--I still regret letting mine go and they have some options in the 5 String that won't bust a budget. You can usually pick up one on the second hand market as well

Thanks for the answer. I can understand your thought (although dean builds awsome guitars\basses if you are willing to spend some thousands ?)