I've been recording a couple of tracks of acoustic guitar, doing a take and then recording a second track to double up and i'm getting phase issues. I've never had this from an overdubbed track before, only when double miking a single source. Is there a way to avoid this/fix it in my DAW?

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You will probably end up with some degree of phase cancellation with any two tracks of similar waveforms. Try zooming in very close to the track so that they start on the exact same fraction of a millisecond.
Usually this works for me but the parts are too (purposely) different to match up exactly this time (reference:
though when I play this song in mono it doesn't suffer the same problem I do).

I was getting an excessive comb-filtering effect. I think i'll just re-record one of the tracks to try and solve it.

EDIT: I tried playing the re-recorded track with my fingers rather than a pick which provided enough difference to remove the excessive comb filtering though there's still some slight phase issues and they don't sound that good after I pan them. The picked side has a lot more attack and the fingerstyle side is boomier as you might expect so they don't match up so well. Kind of bumming me out but i'll keep working towards a solution.
"If you want beef, then bring the ruckus." - Marilyn Monroe
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