I'm preparing for my second guitar build, taking a class at my local community college on electric guitar building (I'll be taking the advanced section of the class this coming semester), and I'm seriously contemplating building an FRX clone of sorts. Actually it's kind of a hybrid between the FRX and F-200's body shapes.

I'm working up plans in preparation for the class, and while I'm pretty set for front and back views with the plans, it would really be helpful if someone could point me to a straight side view photo of an FRX to draw up a rough elevation from.

Or if anyone out there owns one, and would be willing to take such a photo... I haven't been able to find one online, which isn't surprising because unless you're building one it's the least interesting angle possible to take a photo of a guitar from. But yeah... Just straight on side view of the body would be super helpful. Ideally both sides... and maybe one of the "bottom" edge of the guitar if you're feeling generous...

Class starts on the 22nd, I'm trying to get some nice detailed plans worked up before then to show the teacher I'm serious, because it's a pretty advanced (Arguably a little insane) design. I don't absolutely need elevation views, but it'd be helpful.

I suppose I could just run down to guitar center and see if they've got one sitting around on consignment or something and snap my own photos, but it's sort of a long drive to the nearest one.

Thanks in advance!