Having just purchased a new guitar, (PRS USA Tremonti) I am very happy. It sounds great through my 60W Blackstar, but it's just not practical for more quiet practice in my house. I'd like something that's all tube, and could gig if I mic'd it up. I'd say anywhere between 5 and 20 watts. Possibly up to 25.

Anyways, I was gonna go with an HT-5 considering I like Blackstar, but I have found out it's got solid state components. Plus I want something different. I love the low end "chunk" the Bogner Uberschall gets, but can't get an amp that big or expensive. Anyone have any reccomendation for something that would get a similar sound?

gagerobinson You should post that in Guitar Gear and Accessories, or Electric Guitar, you will get better answers there.
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