I've recently acquired a framus archtop with a fair amount of age and not much info. It plays like a dream despite not having a truss rod and sounds pretty to my ear.

mediocre pics:

lazily recorded noodling:

didn't record anything plugged in but it sounds nice and boomy through this weird old pickup.

anyone have any idea the year/model? the framus museum online doesn't seem to have a similar model and the only things i really know about it are that i like it, it has a framus logo and the tailpiece is stamped "Made in Germany" as you probably can't quite make out because my pictures are turds.
Can't help you with that model but I had a Framus 05300 Texan 1971 flattop acoustic that I was in love with which was stolen in New York about '74. It also had a fret at the nut (great for 12's).
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