It was composed and mainly played by Orlando Cirbian Gil,a not well-known but such a talented guitarist of Santa Cruz,Bolivia. I want you to listen to the song and give me your opinions please.
Not really into this new age shred stuff, but the I really liked the synth intro. Shredding skills were pretty good and the tapping sections were neat.
Dude, I clicked on the video with somewhat high expectations and even though I'm not such a big fan of the genre, I loved it. I don't know if it's in these guys' plans to keep making mainly instrumental music, but I hope they keep it like that; vocals on a few tracks would maybe be okay but they already have an awesome thing and sadly, a vocalist can ruin it if it's not too good or if it doesn't fit the style. I dunno, just my personal opinion.
I haven't heard the whole thing yet because I'm at work but I'll definitely take the time to listen to this as soon as I get home.
The technical skills were pretty good but there were some very messy scale runs here and there that need work. The biggest problem, and the main reason why a lot of metal listeners don't like this sort of modern shred stuff is that there isn't really a good sense of direction. The music focuses more on wiggling fingers than it does on thoughtful composition and so it sounds like more of a noodle fest that kind of just runs in circles for most of its duration.
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