Can anyone recommend a software program that might allow me to take a song and split up the tracks so i can make backing tracks for myself? I wasnt sure if something like Garage band could do it. Id like to take a song from my Itunes and be able to turn down the guitar tracks so i can play over.

Thanks in advance.
Doesn't exist.
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This cannot be done. Unless you have access to the original tracks before they were mixed into a final master, it is what it is.
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Sooo, yea- this cant exactly be done as neatly and nicely as you wish or imagine it could. However, there are a few different methods that (depending on the quality of the recording you are trying to split) can get you pretty far along.

For example - there is mid-side processing. Most daws have a plugin that will let you do mid-side eq or at least adjust volumes. You would want to turn down the volume on the sides, since guitars are usually panned out left and right.
Additionally, there is a vst by Soundtoys, i think, that lets you analyze the elements in a mix based on their location in the stereo width and where they sit in the frequency range. This is sort of the same logic as using mid-side eq to find the guitars, but it has a much nicer interface (although it aint free)
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Roland has something that can kinda do it...ish. It's called R-Mix.
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