I'm thinking of getting a gs mini Taylor acoustic electric. Are there Any other great Acoustic electric guitars at around $600??
Get this instead. For the price I can't imagine anything better than a Taylor 110e. Just under $600 too. Thanks to Taylor's amazing necks it plays almost identical to the Mini.

The Mini is great, but the 110E is great too and it's a full scale dread

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I have one of the original run of Minis, it's a fine little guitar. They are enormously popular...Taylor can apparently just keep up with production. However, the reason I got mine was that it was so small. I'm old, and have bad shoulders. As a result, playing a dread-sized instrument was becoming very painful.
I have no trouble with the Mini.
If you have no problem with the size of the instrument, you might indeed find the 110 a better choice, especially if you're a flatpicker.
However... I flatpick my Mini all the time and it seems to have plenty of power and projection.