Hey, within a week of my purchase I just got a chip right where the binding meets the finish. Bit of color bit of binding.

Not hugely concerned, other than i don't want it to peel or be at risk to become bigger. The chip feels like I could scrape it back even more if i wanted to put my pick under it (not that i would, just alluding to that fact that i think it could get worse if happen to catch on something).

Just put a dab of superglue on it with q-tip????

I'm not paying to have it repaired and I'm not going to lightly sand and color this thing and risk f'n it up worse for as small as the chip is?

Guitar is a fender elite tele cherry sunburst. Kinda pisses me off, but whatever.....
Finish chip? not down to the wood I'm guessing? A dab of glue may stop it from getting worse, I suppose. Some folks like clear nail polish. it works like touch up paint, but you don't have to color match.
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