I have another bright idea. I was playing around with Fuzz Factory in a store. It's fun and stuff, but it's WAY too bright (for me. I like shit to be dark and creamy smooth). So I thought that maybe I should mod the shit out of the motherfucker. I looked around and my conclusion is to just add two tone knobs to the circuit. One to cut the highs (typical tone knob idea), and one to boost the lows (but not like metal zone, more organic and transparent).

YES, I know, FAT fuzz factory, and fuzz factory 7. I know. But those versions are actually quite poor in my opinion. FAT fuzz factory with it's 3 way selector gives too little. And the second bass boost is just booming uselesness. FF 7 give us a tone knob, which is geat, but the "FAT" knob is just the same 3 way selector but round.
Maybe I'm wrong. I want to be, I really do.

Plus FF7 is just too expensive.

My question is... If someone can explain to me in the simplest, dumpest, but efficient way where, and how, and what I should put in the circuit, to have a hi-cut, and a low-pass knobs in a Fuzz Factory?

P.S.: I'm thinking about making a DIY version of the whole pedal, so I could experiment peacefully.

This might not be exactly what you are asking for, but I've had good results with variations of this design :

I found version 2 to be quite versatile.

You are going to get some volume loss with this though.
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mastrotron? a little nastier and bassier.

that being said, i really love mine.

if you are into something a little more glictchy, the malekko unity kicks ass.
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Mastotron IS a great pedal, and some day I would like to buy it. But I reaaaaaalllyyy want a BIAS knob. Like.... REALLY. And germanium AC128 transistors.