Hey everyone. Long time since I posted. I am looking for a new amp and would really like some input from you guys.

I really like Hendrix's tone...The ability to have really clear yet meaty clean tones that aren't overly bright and then go to nice heavy but clear distortion for bigger sounds without swaying into the realm of "metal" tones which sound too scratchy and squeal-y for me. Yeah Marshall's are the type for me I guess. Only I don't know if I can afford a head/cab combo. My price range is between $400-$1000 cdn...which is about $300-775 usd, so I think a combo will be my best bet. And I don't know of any Marshall combo's that can do justice to their head/cab counterpart.

I am also into using pedals to get my distorted, heavy tones if the amp is a 'clean-tone' amp. I'd rather have that than a distorted amp and not have the ability to get the clean tones I want.

If you guys need any more info please ask. Thank you.

Oh, p.s. I am looking for a tube amp.
DSL40, Traynor, Mesa, Orange. All will get you in the Jimi zone within your budget used.
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Guthrie on tone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmohdG9lLqY
the DSL40 combos aren't bad. they benefit from a different speaker though.

with that budget, it would be hard to find much better from a head/cab setup.
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