Was wondering if any of you nice folks could help me out!

Heard this couple of weeks ago and love the cover! Having a hard time transcribing myself so though i'd ask you guys

Mainly looking for the verse but if anyone could do the full song, that'll be great!

Many Thanks! - Song really kicks in after first chorus.

(Sorry, wouldn't let me post a link alone)
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Here is what the intro is kind of like. Hold the 'bass' / lower notes, and play the higher notes softly. I've done this in standard tuning but you'll see where I have it at frets 5 to 8, he is playing at frets 7 to 10, so he seems to be tuned down a whole step.
Then the verse from 0:34. At the end it goes from Ab to G5. (The first part of the verse is just a simplified version of those chords.)