Just bought 6 new pedals
I've tried every possible chain combination it seems that I can't use the noise gate pedal in any other place besides the beginning of the chain. When I try putting it at the end or in the middle it cuts off all sound Wether it's on or off. Please help me I just got into stomp boxes
Then put it at the beginning of the chain? I don't understand what the problem is?
CJax I Didn't Think A Jack Ass Like You Would Come along. I've been reading up and the optimal two positions are at the end of the chain before the amp or in the middle after the boost and distortion and before the modulations. I asked for help on my issue not for a slick comment dick head.
Keep shit talkin' Turd Fergison. Just shows how ignorant you are. If you knew anything about amps, you'd be using the fx loop anyway. If your amp doesn't have an fx loop, it's time for a big boy amp.

You damn near ruined my soup with all that salt, boy. Stifle your steaming clam.
CJax I don't know how to properly use and effect loop that's why I asked for help but in return got the biggest piece of shit in the internet drown on your soup faggot
Rofl I'm dying here for sure. Are you really that mad over it? Cause that's awesome.
I'd have told you how to use it by now if you hadn't had your little autism freak out.
CJax dude I honestly don't care. Eventually someone who's not a pretentious piece of shit will help me. And I'll give that person the respect and attention he deserves not like some faggot who's form of an answer is telling me he doesn't know what the problem is
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