Can somebody please explain to me what the difference between ltd mh 1000 nt vs 1001 nt is. I mostly want to know if there is a quality difference, and if one is considered better than the other.
I dont think there is any difference. Just different finishes and different pickups, maybe different hardware like bridge and tuners, but i doubt it. The 1001 might be the old designation for the 1000 or whatever. As far as specs go, they seem completely similar.
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At least on the EC model, the only differences are in binding, finish colors, and hardware color.

The 1001 looks more refined and not as flashy - I don't care for the 1000 series blingy pearl binding.

My 1001 triple pin stripe binding looks sexy as hell with the black chrome hardware.
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i think they were made in different countries, but i am not positive..
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The difference between a 1000 and the 1001 is simply cosmetic. They're both made in Korea at WMI.
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