Hey all, so I want to buy a new neck for my brothers Sunset SGR, the one that comes in those beginner packs and stuff. I just wanted to know where I can get one that would fit the Bolt on Style. Thanks in advance!
Contact Warmoth.

But honestly, it might be more cost-effective to buy a new guitar.
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actually Guitar Fetish would be far more economical than Warmouth. danny's right though just get another guitar as putting the money into something lie that isn't worth it.
i am with mono and danny.

the guitar itself likely isn't worth over $100. neck would be much more, and if you were to go warmoth, you would still need to final fretwork.
As the others have said you would be investing in a losing proposition buying a new neck for that axe, you could possibly buy a cheap guitar for $50-$75 from a pawn shop for a donor neck if you really like the guitar, I grabbed a Dean VX with a nice neck loaded with Grovers for $65 for a project guitar that I really didn't want to invest too much into.
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