I recently got a new Mac (OSX 10.11) and my old DAW and interface no longer work with it. I was using Pro Tools LE with the M Box2 interface. I like Pro Tools but I don't want to have to spend $600 on the new software. I've heard Logic has lots of bugs and glitches. I've heard good things about Cubase and Studio One. Anyone have any suggestions for a new DAW?

Also, I've heard that USB interfaces don't work on the newer Mac's. Is this true? If so, any recommendations?

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if you got a new mac with usb 3.0 ports sometimes a usb hub works with it as thats what I had to do with my presonus interface to get it to work with my new macbook. apart from that I now use Logic X without a problem running 10.11.6

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Logic Pro X 10.2 is so bomb and you can get around 50 gigs of software instruments directly from Apple, plus it's easy to find wayyyyy more add-ons too.
Whoever told you USB doesnt work on the newer Macs is wrong.
LPX or pro tools 12 or cubase 8.5.
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Bollockser I was looking at Logic, but I've read some reviews and a LOT of people have been complaining that the latest version is full of bugs and glitches. Have you had any problems with it?
I haven't had any issues with it at all, using v10.2.4. Just dont use a USB hub for an audio interface, plug it directly into the Mac.
If you dont wanna invest any money just use GB for now, it's more than good enough and free.
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If you don't want to pay then Reaper is really the only answer.

Not sure where you heard about Logic having a ton of bugs and glitches.

Cubase is good

Never used Studio One.

Reaper is like 60 bucks.

People complaining about bugs in Logic... every DAW update has bugs and issues. You learn to deal with them.
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I've had no reall issues with Logic and for the price of it, it's almost a no brainer to buy if your on a Mac. If you don't want to spend any money, GarageBand is definitely adequate enough for most people's bedroom hobbyist needs. As far as an interface, take advantage of that Thunderbolt connection. Look into a Focusrite Clarett or Saffire ranges.
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Logic is great. I've been using it since switching to Mac and love it. Before that, I was mostly using Reaper, but I own every major DAW out there, including Pro Tools, Cubase, Studio One, Sonar, Reason and Audition. There are issues if you're wanting to use older plugins with it, as X is 64-bit only, you can get around this with something like jBridge, but unless Logic doesn't come with what you need for some reason and you don't have a budget for commercial plugins, any major plugin library out there worth spending money on will work.
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