I have an old epiphone, and i played with it a lot of rock/metal styles with it, but now its time to be more selective.The bands i want to cover are Tool, Disturbed and SOAD. Well, Tool is the #1 priority, but i want to downtune in drop C where i can play a bit of Disturbed and SOAD.I'm short on money, so i'd like the guitar to be good at the price/quality chapter.Optional, to be in Les Paul shape . I can even buy a better set of strings, if you recommend me one with the guitar .I know its a lot to cover, but i really beg for some advice. Thanks! (sorry, i have bad english)
what's your budget? what amp do you have?
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That, plus your location and willingness to buy used & online would help.
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I've recently been searching for a new guitar myself and I came across this site. I think that their number 1 pick the Fender Telecaster is an excellent choice.http://crushreviews.com/best-electric-guitar/

OP is looking for a cheapish guitar for hard rock/metal so you recommend him a US tele?
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My bad, I was thinking of an all around good guitar that will last forever and you can play pretty much any genre on. If you want to go more economical and only want to play Metal, I'd recommend an Ibanez instead. http://amzn.to/2baOSPI
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