Hello Aaron, thank you for commenting on my post.

The only thing that can improve about your tunes is the mix. It could sound wider. It doesn't sound like you're using equalizers or filters to balance out the frequency spectrum.

If you want a better guitar sound in the SMBT, you could try recording the riff guitars twice in mono and panning them hard left and right, respectively.
Shout For You:
Nice synth thingy in the intro. Gives me a really nice 80's vibe. The intro seems a bit too long. Maybe you should shorten it a bit. The vocals arent my favorite, but they seem to fit this kind of music. I like the melody at 1:20. Reminds me of some movie theme or something. Really digging the 80's vibe in this song.

Space Martian Boogie Tune
Funny bassline. Cool synth as well. Not the biggest fan of your guitar tone though. The song gets quite repetive after a while with the same bassline.

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Hi Aaron,

Thank you for the review.

I like the bass riff in 'Space Martian'. It has huge potential. I think the mix of the guitar can be better.

'Shout for you' is an interesting tune. I like the main beat for which I think you could use a more powerful tone. Go all out with the beat

Fantastic job with both tracks!
Reaaly cool vibe in Shout For You, as mentioned, it has a huge 80's feel. The mix is really great, everything blends well together. The only thing I don't really dig are the vocals. Not that it's not good, just not my thing! Everything else is kickass! Good job!
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actualy.. I enjoyed them both
Somehow it reminds me of the "Jazz Jackrabbit" game soundtrack, hehe.

What I didn't liked: Kick drum sound is flat and the bass line in the Space Martian could be more compressed i think (but the bassline it'self is cool).
Very consistent in your experimentation... and the ability to take an 80s vibe and make it more modern. Many of the comments above relate to mixing, but I find that a difficult thing to master, based on different people listening through different shitty speakers, lol.
Shout For You: Some interesting sounds to start off. First I like the synth sounds at 0:15 and especially at 0:28. The main rhythm line at the beginning though sounds too "bouncy" or "boingy" haha or however you want to describe it. But I know that's all subjective and melds into the other sounds well. I like the break around 1:50, kinda reminds me of the synths I use for my stuff. I'm thinking that since you did not use many vocal lines that you should just use more repeated lines like "Shout" throughout the song. I like the way it sounds at 1:42 for instance. Got some cool beats in the whole song.

Space Martian Boogie: The bass seems a little loud, it distracts me from the rest of the song. Name fits the song, I am feeling the spacey vibe. I feel the bass itself could benefit from a synth bass to compliment the synths. Don't hear much guitar in your songs but I like the effect you have on it. I'd like to see more whammy bar tricks.