Hey guys,
So after being really pleased by a respray of a strat I did, I bought a cheap yamaha pacifica.
Its a yamaha pacifica 112v (The natural wood looking one).
I was wondering if I need to do anything to the wood on this one before I respray it? It doesn't feel like theres any coats of anything on top of the wood like gloss or anything, so can I just go straight into it and spray the wood without sanding?
I'll be using nitrocellulose paint if that's useful.

Thanks a lot
Not if you want it to look good, no.

Natural finish doesn't in any way mean there's no finish. A lot of manufacturers even call necks that don't have any colour coat (so they appear natural) 'unfinished' necks when that is an utter misnomer.

You should strip back all the clearcoat that's on the body before priming it for paint. Just as you would with any other guitar.
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The guitar will be finished with catalysed poly, This finish provides a very good undercoat for nitro, it just need distressing a little, not stripping.

EDIT. Poly is sometimes used as an undercoat for nitro, but I can't recall which makes.
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The guitar comes with a matte finish, and it's heavier than you think. You'll want to prep it for painting just as you would any other painted surface.