i never wired a HSH Guitar style and i'm bad with electronic stuff. I also wanted to split each humbucker separately independently of the guitar switch that's why i have 3 mini toggle switches on/on (i hope i didn't make a mistake On/on or on/off ?)

I have :

A 59 for the bridge, a screaming deamon for the mid and a IM1 for the bridge (they have all 4 conductors).

I have 2 cts 500k pots one for the volume and one for the tone control.

Finally i Have 1 6 way rotary switch :


here is what im looking for (i'm not even sure that's possible) :

- Neck
- Neck + Bridge
- Neck + middle
- Neck + middle + Bridge
- Middle + Bridge
- Bridge

If someone could help me to finish this guitar it would be nice =) ! A schematic with some explanations would be nice.

regards Pat.
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