Hi I am very new to the forum and already have my first question if some one can assist me? I have a Hayden mofo 30 watt amp and a gt100 effects processor can you please give me the connectivity suggestion for use. I am not the best technically minded sole in the world so please go gentle thanks folks
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The Mofo is an odd one. Instead of separate send & return jacks, it has a single jack labelled "FX". To use it, you'll need a cable like this:
Recommend reading the manual for both pieces of kit.

However, that's only if you want the GT100 to be used in the effects loop (best way for modulations, delays, reverbs etc). If you want everything in front of your amp, you can just go straight from the GT100 to either of the amp's inputs (UK or US depending on your taste). This can be best for drives, compressions & wah).

I believe the GT100 can also do the 4 cable method (or in the case of your amp, 3 cables!!). This puts the effects you want in front of your amp first, then your amp, then the effects you want in the loop. Again, check the GT100 manual for advice.
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