Not getting a lot of time to write so much any more, so here's some relatively short proggy thing that I pulled together.

Rushed the ending a bit just because I was stuck with the first 3 mins of the song for ages and I wanted to have something whole. I've had plenty of ideas to extend the piece actually but think I'll save those riffs for other songs.

Happy to crit back of course, so any thoughts would be much appreciated because I can't even tell if I like it or not.

rock 439 v8.gp5
I'm really digging the chords and such in that post chorus section and in the break/steady interlude. Really cool.

Not digging the finale quite so much. I feel like "obligatory epic outro" is far too over done. And for something with math or prog in the genre, I'm sure there's something better that could go here. Of course it's a good section anyway don't get me wrong, and you do manage to pull it back together for the final few bars.

Good stuff!

Oh and I have just posted something if you have any time and fancy taking a look.