Hey everyone. Ok so I am playing in a acoustic 4 piece cover band. 2 guitarists, myself included a singer and bass player. There are a few tunes I'd like to play via electric ( clean) to spice things up. I have a wireless setup and a DI box going into our mackie pa. Going from an electric to the pa directly sounds horrid and I'm not doing that. I've been checking out preamps and have been thinking about using that to run thru my pa rather my line 6 Combo which I'm not going to use. Thoughts? What's out there for preamps and will it work??
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Sorry dmcginn9, I don't know much about electric guitars or amps.
What would we do without guitars?
dmcginn9 You should try posting that in the Guitar Gear and Accessories forum, you will get better answers.
Good luck!
What would we do without guitars?