I see that most people use Dminor/major pentatonic and D mixolydian to improvise over this song

However I was wondering if other scales are possible?

In the chorus the chords are A, C, G.

Could I play A major/minor pentatonic over A, Cmajor/minor pentatonic over C and G Major/minor pentatonic over G?
Is this a correct way of thinking and learning to improvise or is it better to keep thinking in D?
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The chorus tonicizes A so I would think it in A. (Though, it functions as the dominant in the key of D when we take the context into account, but it has enough emphasis to consider it as a key center. This is why I would think it "in A" instead of "in D".)

You don't need to change scales over the different chords, though. That would just make it way too complicated (especially when the chords change so fast and it's not modulating to different keys - also, playing C minor pentatonic over C and G minor pentatonic over G would sound pretty weird in this context). I wouldn't really even think it as separate chords, it's more like a riff around A and it has a clear dominant function.

Am pentatonic would be a pretty safe choice. A Mixolydian would also work (though you need to be aware of the C in the C major chord).


Learn the original solo and maybe it gives you ideas for your own improvisation.
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its a classic solo..learn it or find it on the net...if you know how to read and write music..write it and make up some variations.. learn it in several keys...great way to grow on the fretboard and your melodic playing will increase a lot also...

you can treat the song as a blues..thats what it is basically...the chorus is like a turnaround..so no need to find a "different key" ..listen to claptons take on those chords...fairly easy...
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