At home I am playing using an amp from the guitar rig. Is there any kind of psysical footswitch that can work with my external soundcard and help me switch from clean to distortion channel of the virtual amp?

For example will this help?
If no can anyone tell me what is this pedal for?

Thanks in advance because I have really searched for these and found no answers...
Something like this?

The footswitch you listed is for a physical amp with a 1/4 TRS footswitch connection. I think the main this is you are going to need a "footswitch" that has USB connections, like your interface should.
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Any MIDI programmable footswitch will work.
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You are right guys thank you!
The thing is I think those switches are a bit overcosted. Instead of spending money for this footswitch I can buy a distortion pedal (even if I detest 'em) and switch clean/distortion channel with it while I keep my amp on clean.
If there was a cheaper "MIDI programmable footswitch" let me know, this is what I am actually for.