Hey guys.

Hoping someone who knows a lot more about electric guitar electronics can help me out here:

I have 2 strats (one a fender squier and one a cheapy strat copy) - I have fitted both with the same pickup (SD SH-4 humbucker), however the strat copy sounds crisp and clean with a high output with decent top end sound - basically, it sounds as I would expect the SH-4 humbucker should. However the squier sounds quite muddy and the output is not as hot, less top end too.

So, I figured it was the pots. So I replaced the volume pot in the squier with a brand new, similar 250k volume pot as what is in the strat copy. I even re-wired it to bypass the tone pots completely - so it's humbucker, into volume pot - straight out to the input jack. But still it sounds a lot muddier than the strat copy, less hot with less top end.

Pickup height is pretty much the same across both guitars too.

What could be the issue? What can I try? I'm going mad lol.

Cheers guys for any help.
As an experiment, put the Squire loaded PG on the copy and play it. If it still sounds muddy, its not the electrics.
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I usually use 500K pots on humbuckers. That said, if you've wired it correctly, both should sound the same.
Have you taken a multimeter to it to confirm that both have the same resistance?
Do you know how to measure henries?
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a DVOM, when operated correctly doesn't lie.

check out the resistance of the pickups, check the pots, switch, etc.

different guitars are different guitars though...
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