Absolutely love my new Boss VO1, great wee pedal. Have been using it in isolation, but now want to integrate it onto my board, and that's where my question lies. I know, I know, the answer is always "place it where it sounds best", but it's a weird type of pedal, not sure how to classify it exactly, and wondered if anyone had any advice. It has send/return to create a loop, but I already use the Boss NS1 loop configuration, and that's what's throwing me (can I have two send/return loops on my board?). I have an AC30, and planning on using that FX loop too.

My chain is:

Guitar/Tuner/NS1 Send/Wah/Comp/OD/Distortion/Chorus/Micro Amp/NS1 Return/Loop (with trem and reverb on the AC30 foot pedal).

I'm thinking Vocoder near the start as I want a clean(ish) signal to power the vocoder/voice box vocal.

Any thoughts?

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Yeah, put it as close to your guitar as possible. It needs a solid, strong, clean signal to read off of. Although you may get some "interesting" results placing it later in the chain.
Will Lane Thanks Will, got it sounding good. Of course, one problem solved, another presents itself! For some reason now my FX loop in my AC30 is playing properly with my TC delay/looper... Haha. I spend more time dicking about with my board than actually playing!
Boss VO1 Vocoder - Where on my board should it be?

Upper left. Always on the upper left.