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Recently remembered that I still own a Soul Food and since I haven't really been using it much, I thought I would have some fun and maybe try to mod it. Now I'm a bit of a pedal modding noob, I have modded pedals before but mostly via instructions and not something I just wanted to do on a whim with no plan. The first question is pretty straightforward but I was wondering if I am able to use through hole parts to replace an SMD resistor or should I just find a similar SMD part to swap in. Secondly, I'm sure it would be a bit difficult but is it possible to modify the SMD stuff with very basic tools (tweezers, flux, heat adjustable iron etc...) or is it too much of a pain? Going through the pedal the only SMD part I want to replace is a single resistor. Is that going to be more hassle then it's worth?

Another thing I want to ask was if my thought process was right in the way I was thinking of modding the pedal.

So first off, there seems to be a pretty massive similarity between the SF and something like a Centaur. There are some differences but to me they look kind of similar so I was wondering if my translations were done properly and if they make sense?

So these are the schematics I'm referencing:

And so what I wanted to do is do a few Klon mods on the Soul Food and I was wondering if what I did makes sense.

So on the Klon, what I understand is the R10 in the circuit has some effect on how much gain the pedal produces, and if you lower the value of the resistor, you could increase the amount of gain on the pedal and vice versa. From what I can see on the SF, R14 would correspond to R10 on the Klon. Would I be correct and am I correct in thinking the resistor will do anything to the gain? Another thing I wanted to do was replace the schottky diodes with a proper pair of GE ones. Possibly 1N34As or D9Es etc...

Another Klon mod I found is that if you play with the value of C4, you can adjust the amount of bass the pedal has before you get into heavy clipping and then if you modify the values of C6 and C7 on the Klon you will effect the bass response once the pedal starts getting dirty. What I have found is that C4 on both pedals is the same but on the SF, C6 is C7 on the Klon and C5+C25 running in parallel replace C6 and R9 running in series on the Klon. So from what I understand, if I play with C6, C4 and C25 on the SF, I can get similar results than I would on the Klon?

I'm pretty new to trying to understand this stuff so I apologize if I said something stupid or something that didn't make any sense. I just wanted to mess around with a project and this seemed like a good way to kill time
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