Hi everyone,

This is my post and I need help! I've been playing for 10+ years and recently I've developed discomfort in the back of my fretting hand - like the veins or tendons shifting. It makes my hand jolt in pain and I can't play some licks anymore e.g. the intro to Sweet Child O Mine. Its started happening in other shapes too.

Has this happened to anyone else and what have you done to fix it? It's driving me nuts.

Go to the doctors. If you don't/can't go to the doctors, rest it until you aren't in pain from it.

It's probably some type of mild carpel tunnel syndrome, but I do not have enough medical background or enough information about it to give real advice. That being said, this might be good to read: http://www.webmd.com/pain-management/carpal-tunnel/carpal-tunnel-syndrome-topic-overview

I often have similar pain, but that's because I lift weights as well as play guitar; rest and ice have always worked for me. In addition, be sure to try to correct any technique errors (make sure you're holding it correctly so as to minimize stress on the wrist).
Hi, this forum is not for medical advice. You may find some help in the techniques forum for general ergonomic playing ideas but otherwise this is a question for a medical professional.