So i have been playing for one month with and old guitar that my friend had in his house but i have to give it back to him. I have just learned some songs and like 4 chords (i don't even transition well between them) but i would really like to learn how to play guitar. I have just found and offer on amazon for 135€ I can get an Ephiphone Les Paul Special II wich is pretty cheap, do you think is a good option?, maybe i should not buy a guitar yet ?
Have you been playing an acoustic or an electric?
When talking we mostly differentiate 3 different types, breaking it down for easy understanding:
Classical Guitar - Wide neck, nylon (light) strings
Acoustic Guitar - looks like a classical but with steel strings
Electric Guitar - the one you linked here.
For an electric guitar you will need an amplifier and a cable to make it work.

Personally I'd buy a cheaper acoustic, learn on that for a while, and than buy a decent electric guitar, for example an Epiphone G400-Pro. This was just from the top of my head, there are a lot of decent, cheap electrics out there.
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Many of us believe that you should start with the kind of guitar that interests you, but yes, that includes the cost of an amp if you want to go electric.

If you are really strapped for cash, a very basic amp (eg a headphone amp) will do for a start, but really the amp is the most important part of the "instrument" in a more holistic view. Could your friend help you choose a used guitar? That is a good option if feasible. - My favourite electric cost Oz$65 from the local hock shop.