So I don't like humbuckers, there I said it. So when I built my SG from I decided I wanted (fender style) single coils, but I don't like tele bridges, and I have 2 starts already so I though some tele necks in both positions would be fun.

Neck is an Ironstone tele neck, bridge an allparts economy tele neck- is surprisingly good.

In the bridge position you get a little twang and is essentially a brighter copy of the neck, but it is very different to a strat or tele normal bridge. Very smooth clears, and some great deep crunch.

Love a good Tele neck I think this thread might need a little more content to be allowed on here, though, like more info on the build.
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Well, it was a precut body, strat pocket, but 3x3 neck, all maple, rosewood fretboard, custom wiring design (will post schematic if wanted) and very cheep tune o matic, and crappy black finish. I'm still working on it really. Oh and the neck is attached in a hybrid set/bolt style with dowling rather than bolts. I worked the body to give it more gibson-y contours and attached the neck. I rolled the edge of the fretboard and smoothed the frets.