First off, I got a line 6 half stack, of the top of my head I can't put a name n which model. But it's the one where I can do playbacks. And a 2016 syn gates Schecter. Even if it's low volume it squeals, or if I'm far away from the amp. The cables I have i know must be crappy. I can't tell if my amp is dying or if it's the cables I have. Any advice would help. I really hope I don't need to upgrade my head amp or speaker. It never did this when I first got it.
Cables do not really squeal. We need to know exactly which model the head is. If it is a Line 6 Spider Tube model, it is possible a tube is microphonic and just simply needs to be replaced (although I am not familiar with the models really). Also, try a clean setting on the amp and see if it still squeals. It is possible your distortion is cranked so high you are getting feedback.
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Is it just feedback? Does the squeel go away when you turn the guitars volume down to off? Or if you move around and rotate the guitar in all directions?
Will Lane Clean Setting Is Fine Until I Raise The Master Volume. It's not the tube version. It's an IV. Ive even tried turning down gain while on distortion and it still doesn't help.
It just sounds like to me you are getting normal feedback. Even when standing "far away" from the amp with a lot of gain and/or volume dialed in, or standing close with reasonable gain or volume, can provoke feedback. Also if your guitar has active pickups it is possible your battery is dying. ALSO I recommend to upgrade the amp anyway, Spiders are considered not good at all for anything other than bedroom practice.
I was just thinking of things that squeel. One good one would be that your dunlop wah is plugged in backwards.
Just straight in to the amp from the guitar? Because my distortion pedal also squeels when i wiggle the wires. Does turning the volume on the guitar off make the noise go away?
If it goes away when you turn off the guitar volume, and starts immediately when turned all the way up, sounds like it might be a microphonic pickup. I Had one a while back, at normal stage volume it had an uncontrollable squeal, when none of my other guitars did. (I had 8 I think) Did a bit of looking around and found that it was a microphonic neck pickup and needed to be potted. Something inside the pickup is vibrating and causing feedback.

Potting involves dipping the pickup in melted wax. I use a small potpourri pot, just like a crock pot but smaller. Plain canning wax available at a grocery store works fine. I think beeswax is the "proper" wax, but canning wax (Gulfwax brans is what I have) works great.

Remove the pickup completely. Do not remove cover or the cloth tape wrapped around the windings. Heat the wax to liquid, dip the pickup in it holding it by the wires. I used a pair of hemostats to hang it by the wires. Leave it suspended in wax until bubbles stop, about 5 minutes. Clean off excess wax from the exposed part of the pickup, leave anything that can't be seen once it's mounted back in the guitar.

Some pickups like Humbuckers with metal or plastic covers have covers that come off easy, you can remove those. Many single coils have covers that are not removable. If it won't come off easy, stop trying and just clean off the wax. It's tedious, but if you do it before it cools too much you can get most of it off in a few minutes with a paper towel or two. Once reinstalled and soldered, it should stop squealing. Mine turned out to be the best sounding neck pickup in any of my guitars. Completely useless though, until I potted it.

Look up potting a pickup, you can find more complete instructions online and how to diagnose it, that's what it sounds like to me. especially if you have another guitar or can borrow one and it does not do the same thing. If you can try 3 or 4, even better.
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Yeah i had that microphonic feedback once while i was playing very loud in a small room with a drummer,with ear protection mind you. The sound was shaking the guitar so much it was vibrating the strings and making a squeal. Im sure the pickups were also shaking around too being microphonic. Im thinking the op's sound is coming from the amp but until the feedback is eliminated we can be sure. My fuzz box queals like crazy if i jiggle the cords because they are cheap and worn out. The sound goes away if i touch the strings though so i know it is a wiring issue and not simple feedback js
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Figure out the issue yet? On spiders, there is an onboard noise gate you can use. Not sure if you need the updated software or not. Set it up to be pre-gain.
Before it blew up, my spider squealed like a stuck pig unless the gate was on. Now I just use an ns2 with any amp.
High gain and high output/microphonic pickups don't mix well, but a gate helps tame it.