So I am interested in the MotorAve McQueen guitar series and I was wondering what type of music is meant to be played on this guitar? Can anybody who owns a McQueen have some insight as to what type of music specifically this guitar is good for. The music I am into is hard rock like Queens of the Stone Age. Are the McQueen's good guitar for this type of music? Sorry if this post doesn't make any sense just want to make sure this is the guitar that suits the type of music I want to play. This is the guitar right here http://www.motorave.com/mcqueen.html
If you know what you're doing, you can basically play any kind of music on any kind of guitar. Yes, the guitar designs will make a difference, but your amp & effects will shape your tone more.

So while it may be easier nailing QoSA's sound on a BelAire like Josh's, yes, you can play QotSA on a McQueen.

In addition, Motor City guitars are hand made by Mark Fuqua, cost a few thousand dollars (50% down on order), and there's a 16 month waiting list. at least for the BelAires.

So, amp and pedal issues aside, if you want QotSA's sound with QotSA gear, you may have to wait a while.

There are always other options, of course. Josh and the other guys he plays with in bands like EoDM or TCV hav played several other guitars over the years, and other makers have made axes that have similar features. Gibsons, Yamahas, Ovations, EchoParks, Matons, Gretsch for sure have been on those stages, and I can think of other brands that will get you there as well.
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