hi everyone,

I am a beginner and i have been using a gibson sg for like 6 months. I am fine with it. With the palm muting i can be bending strings kind of fast and quiet with this guitar, even in high gain setting.

Recently, i bought a PRS SE custom 24. I really like the outlook. The construction seems reasonable too. Compared with my SG, the string action is higher.

And so the problem happens, whenever i am bending string on my prs se, the finger tips of the left hand would be rubbing and hitting against the string above the bent string, and there is a very loud noise. This doesnt happen with my SG.

So i asked a friend, he said that this is really up to muting skills, there are just bound to be such noise when you bend very high, and it ultimately depends on your muting skill.

So can anyone confirm if my friend is right? i tried to have the lowest action with my PRS SE, but the action is still higher than that of the SG. I also tried different brands and sizes of strings on my PRS SE. Does not solve the problem.

Thanks for anyone's answering.
Well, what I do to prevent this from happening is muting the unused strings. Im kinda bending both of the strings, using my ring finger on the main string and my index finger on the muted string. A bit wierd but it works wonders for me
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You can lower the action of your PRS easily as low as you can your SG.
You need absolutely level frets and a well-cut nut for starters.