We can use this thread to post Beat Buddy song requests and to also upload user-created songs.
Thank You!
Thank You!
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I am specifically looking for the following Beat Buddy KISS songs: Deuce, Strutter, Shout It Out Loud, Love Gun, Calling Dr. Love, Black Diamond, Cold Gin, I Love It Loud, Detroit Rock City, Hard Luck Woman, I Still Love You, I Was Made For Loving You, I stole Your Love, God Of Thunder and any more that you might have. We need the forum modderators to allow for a new file type of .sng which is the Beat Buddy equivalent of song, I have two songs to share (Rock And Roll All Night and Psycho Circus) both with drums and the bass line that I am sharing via my OneDrive account:

Thank You!
Would be great if the developers of this site allowed for a new upload file extension of .sng which is the Beat Buddy fie song format.
Thank You!
There's not a demand for that around here (Plus I think I only know 1 person who owns a beat buddy here). You're literally the first person asking for that feature so I dont see them making a change for a single user. Either way its not impossible to share your stuff the way it is now. You just have to upload it elsewhere.

Doesn't beat buddy have a website and a forum you could post on? That would probably be more helpful for you.
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