I'm looking for overdrive or distortion pedals which have DI out so they can be connected straight to the mixer. The DIgitech Bad Monkey was perfect for this, but has been discontinued. Does anybody know of any similar non-multi effects with DI out?
You can still get a bad monkey used

Most of the digitech pedals from the 2000-2010 had this; metal master, hot rod, screamin' blues, etc. The x series pedals in particular. Same thing, only used at this point but quite cheaply.
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What sort of price range? I'm sure one of the Sansamp pedals does, the Deluxe Bass Big Muff does, and the EHX Tortion. Probably the Palmer Pocket Amp.
The problem with units like this is there HAS to be cabinet simulation after the distortion for the tone to sound "right". Without a cab sim you are likely to end up with a gnarly, nasty (in a bad way) kind of tone- speaker responses add a lot to the guitar sound. I think there needs to be preamp and poweramp simulation as well but that is into modeling.

The Bad Monkey is discontinued but you can find it used and probably still new in some places. It was reasonable for the price but not a professional unit by any means. For direct to mixer applications, I recommend the Tech 21 Sansamp Character series. It works as an amp sim (distortion) and a cab sim, and you can run other effects into/after it like it was a real, physical amp. There are multiple models based of of famous amp sounds so you pick what works best for you. Most mixers should have a 1/4 input so you do not have to have an XLR output on your new unit. If you need an XLR out, just get a cheap DI box.
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I actually have one the sansamp pedals - the British pedal. It sounds great. I was looking for other options for another rig, though. I guess it'll have to be a second hand Digitech pedal or another sansamp pedal.