I've played using the standard pick shape and size all my life. Just recently I was introduced to Gator Grips, which are slightly smaller (though noticeable in the hand) standard shape picks. As it turns out, I absolutely love the size. Unfortunately, I hate the dark tone and bevel. They seem to lack any pick attack and there's so little resistance against the strings that it feels somewhat unnatural. Which is a shame because I honestly love the smaller size. I find I'm more accurate and articulate with the smaller pick.

So I tried a red nylon Jazz III and it was too small. I can appreciate it for what it is but it doesn't lend itself too well to rhythm which is what I play most. I tried the larger XL and the John Petrucci Jazz IIIs and while the JP got close to what I was after, I didn't like the shape as much as I like the standard shape.

I've experimented a lot in the past and mostly settled on Celluloid and Tortex picks in terms of tone. I know there's Toretex Jazz IIIs, but again, that seems too small. Do you know any manufacturers that make undersized standard shapes? Do any even exist? Does anyone make custom sized picks?

Please assist me in my endeavor to be overly fickle and malcontented.
I like V-Picks myself. The Venom and the Small picks might be close to what you're looking for. Both of those, especially the Venom, have plenty of articulation and attack. Only thing about them is the price, about $5 each, but they last, and if need be you can get some sandpaper out and sharpen the edges on them. Dunlop Stubbies are good too but they may be too small.

I'm curious about those Petrucci Jazz IIIs. How do they feel compared to the regular Jazz IIIs?
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I have a Dunlop "XL series" JAZZ II that's noticeably smaller, I use it on occasion if I'm playing a chord that has a lot of palm muting.
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Quote by BCKRedBaron
I'm curious about those Petrucci Jazz IIIs. How do they feel compared to the regular Jazz IIIs?

Well in terms of size they sit between the regular Jazz III and the XL. Slightly thicker gauge, and Ultex instead of nylon. They're also easier to grip than the regular Jazz III partially due to the built in grips and partially due to the size. For the Jazz line, I felt it was a best of both worlds kind of thing. Small enough for the improved accuracy but big enough for better chords. At least the way I play chords, I like a fairly loose hold on the pick, and with the regular Jazz III that's hard to do because there's so little surface area to hold on to. The JP is a good middle ground for people who like the Jazz shape I think. Ultex is snappy on the pick attack, much more so than nylon. Possibly even too much so. It's not the bright click of Tortex or Celluloid, it's more like a harsh grainy clack. If that makes any sense at all, it looks retarded in writing. Your mileage and ears may vary.

But for me personally, there's something about pointed picks that I'm not into. That said, the big-mini classic Gravity Picks look interesting. Thanks for pointing them out. Will probably buy a set.
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I may have to have the local store order some of the 'Trooch picks for me. And the V-Picks I mentioned are very pointed, so now that you mention it, they may not be what you're looking for, but that company makes so many different shapes and sizes that I bet you could find one that you like. A while back I tried some Pick Boy picks, one made of ebony, one of bone, and one of horn. It sounds like they may be a tad bigger than what you're wanting, but I liked them well enough. Might be something else to check out.
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Quote by Seref

But for me personally, there's something about pointed picks that I'm not into. .

My personal favorite from Gravity is the Standard Razer 2 (2mm). Pointy. What's nice about pointy picks is that they're faster (well, the way I use a pick, they are) and a bit more precise. As it turns out, these have become Chapper's favorite pick as well, and he now has a "signature" pick that has a few custom features that I probably would have ordered, but since they're his sig pick, those custom features (and color) are the same price as the non-custom version I like. So while I don't have a lot of interest in Chappers, his picks worked out pretty well for me, and a recent 20% off sale on those particular picks had me ordering up like a fanboi.
Actually just ordered a big mini and a mini from Gravity Picks earlier today to try them out. And one of the thins for shits and giggles. The big mini looks pretty close to what I'm after.
I'm very picky about picks. I play almost exclusive bluegrass flat pick guitar and picks make a huge difference in tone for an acoustic guitar. I myself use blue chip tad40-1r. They are not cheap though. But it's literally the best pick I've ever held in my hand
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I used to use only Gator Grip picks as they offer great grip. Just like you, I did not like the dark tone of the pick. I tried the Dunlop Glow Standard Nylon picks. They are less rigid and produce a brighter attack. At the moment I am really enjoying them. Being more flexible, they wear less than the Gator Grip.
So I found a site that sells individuals of a huge variety of picks. So now I have one of pretty much everything Dunlop ever made. Also got a couple Gravity Picks.

The ones that fit my unnecessarily complex standards:

0.88mm, 1mm Tortex Jazz III XL
Ultex Jazz III XL
0.88mm Tortex TIII
0.96mm, 1.14mm, 1.5mm, 2mm Dunlop Delrins (hugely surprised by these, really enjoy the 1.14mm Delrin)

Additionally got two Gravity Picks, a 1.5mm Mini Classic and a 1.5mm Big-Mini Classic. I was disappointed by both of these. I figured for all the hullaballoo around hand-made picks they would be significantly better. The all-around bezel made a very sharp edge which made holding the picks uncomfortable. I had to grind the edges down with a nail file just to make them useable. Nice attack, but I don't see what makes them worth 5 bucks per pick.
Among the assortment of picks I like are the Pickboy Carbon nylons. They come in a variety of thicknesses, and they're smaller than most picks. I use .88mm. They have a nice stiffness to them.

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A challenger appears! D'addario Black Ice pick. 1.5mm, Tortex-ish material, rolled edges, Jazz III shape but bigger than a Jazz III and smaller than a Jazz III XL.

I'm not used to thicker picks, I used a .88mm green Tortex Standard for the better part of 5 years, but I can see myself enjoying these in time.