A few weeks ago, I posted a thread on this forum (which can be found here: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1705889#1 ) about which guitar I should buy.
At that time I didn't know about 'Chapman Guitars' and the fact that my current amp, the Marshall Valvestate 8040, will not be the amp I'm going to use in the future.
That's because I fell in love with the Blackstar HT-5; a tube amp with only 5 watts but is still able to deafen my neighbours.

A few years ago I bought the Marshall with the idea that I was going to be in a band with a few already planned gigs and a nice, large rehearsal room but soon after I got the amp, my band split ways and.. Yeah.
It never went louder than the second... 'step' sinds I got it. It was and still is basically too loud for just my bedroom and I found out that you can plug the Blackstar into a PA-system for gigs, so...

Now, it's time to tell you the actual story.
I REALLY want a Chapman ML-2 in Natural, and the Blackstar HT-5 as well.
But, do you guys recommend the Chapman? In my opinion it's a brand that's focused on selling nice guitars on a, some kind of, low price. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the ESP LTD EC1000 has the exact same wood specs as the ML-2.. So, only the pickups would make the difference, right?
(Oh by the way, I want the Chapman loaded with EMG's, SD Blackouts or some nice DiMarzio's. I'm a huge fan of Richard Kruspe and his sound, so it might be a little distorted, the sound I want to achieve. I know I need a lot more than just the amp and the guitar but I'm only 19 years of age, so.. Pedals will come in the future. So will better amps, and better sounding guitars. I'm currently looking for a Boss ML-2. But, I already have the MT-2. Is that a nice pedal or should I just buy the ML and sell the MT?)

My biggest question IS.
What should I do first?
Sell my Valvestate, get the Blackstar, and then start to save money for the Chapman?
Or, keep my Valve for another year or so, and get the Chapman because I hugely want to upgrade from my current guitar (ESP LTD EC100qm)?

Men this is hard....

Help me out, please!

Oh and before I forget, I want to thank any one who helped me out in my previous post. I searched for the LTD H1000 but it would take almost a month to get to the Netherlands. That's too long because I want to try before I buy. No shop I knew had the LTD in stock so... That dream is over for quiet some time.

Looking forward to your replies!
never even seen a Chapman so I can't comment on that but if you are thinking of playing in a band that amp won't cut it. for a practice amp the HT-5 is ok but I don't see it as anything more than that. it may be worth the wait to get the LTD as that is a good guitar. patience can be a virtue especially when buying gear.
also the blackstar isn't all-tube- it's a good bit more tube than your valvestate, but it still has a fair bit of ss shenanigans going on inside it. it's probably about 50:50 (though, to be fair, the tubes it does have probably are in the places where they matter most).
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i wouldn't go for that blackstar.

i also wouldn't buy a boss distortion pedal. both the ML2 and MT2 are terrible.

i haven't tried a chapman, so i have no idea on that.

as far as the amp vs guitar first i would go with what you feel is limiting you. i would probably get the guitar first. a lot of people will tell you amp first though. also you seem to be more excited about getting the guitar, i would do that.
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I agree the Blackstar HT5 is pretty mediocre and as mentioned, is a hybrid.

Putting a Boss MT2 or ML2 in front of the amp the second you buy it is utterly pointless imo. If the amp was any good, why would you feel the need to put a distortion pedal like Metal Zone in front of it in the first place. Why can't the overdrive just come from the amp?
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If I hadn't bought a MIM Strat, I would have probably bought a Chapman, and I was in the same boat as you.