can you tell me please the heaviest amp and most distorted, also:

- not too expensive
- has as many fx as possible with really heavy effects
- it should have a usb to record in my laptop or use software fx
- max 15W

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Just pour some molten lead into your Marshall MG.

Seriously though, Peavey Vypyr or bust.
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Just pour some molten lead into your Marshall MG.
I think those old Fender Quad Reverbs clock in at something like 90lb...
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Youre officially uber shit now.

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Yeah I mean the Peavey Vypyr is about the only thing that I'd recommend that meets your criteria, though I'd go for the 30W, it's so much better and it isn't really any louder
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I think you're chasing a unicorn.

Why the max wattage?

Only thing even close to meeting all your requirements is a Peavey Vypyr VIP 1.
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I should really mention again the CRUSHING OVERDRIVE of the Marshall MG15 with some lead poured on the speaker cone and a fog machine in the effects loop.
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I should really mention again the CRUSHING OVERDRIVE of the Marshall MG15 with some lead poured on the speaker cone and a fog machine in the effects loop.

Headed up to the local Long & Mcquade this weekend to order a couple things, they were testing out the rental fog machine. \m/
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Yeah if you're asking for 15W for good tone at low volume, don't. It's not as directly proportional as you think. Vypr 60 for sure
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I hear the overdrive on the Marshall MG30 is absolutely crushing.

Serious note, a Vypyr 60 tube.
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don't bother with an amp if you just want to use it to record with. get a Line 6 POD or similar. dude the whole "heaviest"' "most distorted" thing is a non starter as with no context they are meaningless. believe me you don't want tons of distortion for recording as it will sound like shit (see link in my profile for some of my stuff that I recorded using a POD)
I remember Fender making a "Metal Head" amp in the mid 2000's, not sure how much they went for, but I think it was around $500. They were 550 watts into 2 ohms and supposedly the most gainy amp according to sales literature - for what that's worth. - http://static.music123.com/derivates/18/001/253/606/DV016_Jpg_Large_480869_c-601719_half-stack_R.jpg

The most distorted amps I've ever actually played myself were the Peavey Stereo Chorus and Peavey Classic Chorus amps from the 1980's - the turquoise/black/silver ones that rolled around on casters. I think they were around 120 watt, 2X12, solid state combos, they both had that weird "Supersat(uration)" feature that made them extremely distorted. The Stereo chorus had Digital Delay, Spring Reverb, and Chorus built into it, and the Classic Chorus just had Chorus and a Spring Reverb.

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