So I finally got to see April Wine a couple weeks ago, and right off the bat I noticed how Brian Greenway(the second guitarist) has a completely unorthodox approach at playing that I personally have never seen done. And from going back to watching videos from after he joined the band, he didn't always play like this.

He basically plays his guitar like a bassist would by plucking the strings. For songs like Just between you and me and Sign of the gypsy queen he used a pick during the picking parts, but as soon as the latter got heavy again he ditched it and went back.

It was really something to watch so I figured I'd share with you all.

I've attached a video of them playing Roller a few years back. He's on the left side.

Is there anyone else out there who usually plays with this style?
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It's probably just a version of slap that he's adapted, it's probably giving him more bass end or something. Probably won't be a massive difference though since you've got a bassist right there. It is interesting, can't see it being massively practical though.
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Finger picking with a bit more motion than most people use.

I saw these guys in San Antonio about 1996 or so, great band and one of my favorites, but really freakin LOUD...He was playing a Mesa Dual Rectifier at that time and hadn't started finger picking yet. Both are excellent guitar players.

Jeff Beck always finger picks, Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits, Johnny Winter used finger picks, actually a thumb pick and fingers, John Mayer goes back and forth, but more with a pick, Derek Trucks and Warren Haynes can both swap on a moments notice, and Lindsey Buckingham (Fleetwood Mac) plays without a pick.

I play without a pick whenever I need to or when I drop a pick, I learned in the 70's because I was learning a couple of songs that required finger picking, then I started to really practice it because I got tired of getting lost if I dropped a pick onstage. Mic mounted pick holders didn't exist, I had to go back to the amp and get one, and I sucked at finger picking, so I started to work on it so if I dropped a pick onstage I could just keep going. These days it makes little difference, sometimes I switch to fingers just for fun onstage, once you learn the technique it makes little difference.

Most pro guitar players can do some finger picking if they need to, like Clapton, Peter Frampton, Eric Johnson, Joe Walsh, basically anyone you can name, but it's often just acoustic tunes. Not that hard but it takes some practice, same as anything else.
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