Hello everyone. I needed help with my taylor 416e. What I see is a huge problem I guess. My fretboard has multiple bumps on it. And even with a concave action, it is too high. Please help me out with it. What should I do? Is this problem even curable?
esky15 In the second last photo if you notice, the fretboard goes convex first, concave then and covex again.
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Have you taken a straight edge to it to confirm that it does that for sure?
It might be just the way the pic were taken, but the neck looks like it has a back bow, ie convex wrt the strings.

If it is as you say, fret levelling might be enough to fix it. If not, then it would need to have the frets removed, level the board and refret. I've done this to one of my guitars that develop a bad hump in the fretboard extension.
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