Hey guys so I bought the Korg tm-50 tuner great little tuner! But problem is when I plug in my cable through input jack when I play a string my guitar doesn't detect it. It's all plugged in normally, I tested 3 different cables, it seems to only work when I plugged my guitar into my amplifier and play it for a bit then using a cable it works fine the tuner detects it. I don't want to keep plugging it in the amp first, I need it sometimes for intonation but wouldn't be good if I use it live. I returned the tuner and got an exchange, got the same problem. I think it's not the tuner but maybe my guitar? My input jack in the guitar is a tight fit I don't think that part is the problem. It works now currently because I plugged into amp first but after a few days it should stop working. Sadly I don't have strings on my other guitar to test to see if its the guitar.

Also without a cable works great! but with it only works if plugged through amp first and play for a bit. Any help is much appreciated.
That doesn't make much sense but try using the neck pickup with the tone knob rolled all the way off.
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metalmingee Yeah I know it doesn't sorry but basically, my guitar tuner works fine without using a cable. But when I do use it doesn't work, unless I plug through amplifier first.
Does your guitar have a battery in it? If so it may need to be changed. Also be sure you are plugging into the right input of the tuner, one of the others is a headphone out. Sometimes it is the silly things.
Will Lane It's all plugged fine its a Ibanez electric guitar, no battery. also there is only one input on the tuner one side of the cable goes there the other side goes in the guitar. Trust me I got that, thank goodness I did haha.
guitaristat BRO IT WORKED YOU ARE A LEGEND!! I put my toggle switch in up position, and that's neck pickup I believe and didn't touch tone knob itdidn't make difference and it worked! Why is this you think?
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