Does anyone know if these strings contain a wound 3rd/D string?
The third string is a G. I think like all guitar strings have a wound D. Whether or not the 3rd string, which is G, is wound, why don't you check out the pack of strings on Dunlop's website? String companies will usually indicate on the website and packaging of electric strings if there is a wound G.
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theogonia777 Thanks for the reply
The reason i'm wondering is because most heavy string gauges that come in packets contain a wound G string (as oppose to the more common plain) but i'm looking for one that is plain. And ive also checked dunlops website and it gives no indication to whether the G string is wound or plain, it only states the gauge.
Ernie ball 12-56 is plain IIRC.
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I strongly dislike wound g-strings.

What is the scale length? And what are you tuning the guitar to?
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I've used the 12-56 sets Ernie Ball sell several times and they have a plain 3rd string. The 3rd string always sounds dreadful.

Why I bought them more than once and expecting a different result is beyond me. As much as I dislike the idea of a 3rd wound string, with a gauge that heavy there's no other option.
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