Hello all!

First of all please excuse my ignorance, if this is not the correct place to post this, I will be happy to ask the mods to move it to the correct place if someone could direct me, thanks!

So I need some advice. I am trying to help two of my friends out, by selling some of their personal items as they just moved out of the country. One of the items they are asking me to sell is a 1990-1991 Ibanez RG565 LB with reverse headstock (i really have no idea what that means). I am doing my research to try and make sure the price he asked me to sell it for was correct. Upon doing my research, I found out he wanted too little for the guitar.

I am seeing prices range from 400-900 for the very few listings I can find. But none of these have a reverse headstock, also none of these have the original paperwork to go with the guitar, plus case (I guess it's a matching case, it is ibanez pro deluxe).

I thought about taking it to Guitar Center to have them give me an idea, as I know musicians work there and know more than me, but I rather check here first.

Can anyone tell me how much one of these is good condition, with paper work, and reverse headstock is worth?

^^^ yes I realize without seeing the guitar, etc...it is very hard to do^^^

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Burnall4 Try posting that in the Electric Guitar forum, you will probably get better answers there!
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